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Tough and versatile 

Wood particles bonded together produce a rigid and strong product. Can be made with different densities which range from 18mm and 22mm T+G flooring to lower density 12mm and 18mm standard chipboard as well as melamine face chipboard.
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Timber sheet materials

Timber Specialists (Sheffield)’s range includes:
• Firrings
• Tilt fillet
• Special bespoke cutting service
• Chipboard
• Hardboard
• Plywood
• FSC sheets – by request
• PEFC sheets – by request
• OSB (Orientated Strand Board)

CaberShield Plus
Designed for British weather, the P5 chipboard flooring is coated on both sides to increase the toughness and waterproof quality. The top side is non-slip coated for a safe working platform, and the underside is smooth coated allowing the board to slide into place with ease.

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