Joinery Redwood

rough swan

Joinery redwood timber

For all your joinery and furniture needs

Competitively priced sawn unsorted joinery redwood

At Timber Specialists (Sheffield), we provide a great range of rough sawn joinery redwood timber, ready for your interior joinery project or furniture project. Extensively used throughout the industry, rough sawn joinery redwood timber is ideal for many uses. We have a variety of different sized cuts available to collect direct from our timber yard. Alternatively, contact us and we can arrange delivery within 24 hours.
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Sustainably sourced 

Timber Specialists (Sheffield) supply sustainably sourced, top quality, unsorted rough sawn timber. We will ensure we help you to do your bit for the environment whilst providing the very best in timber products for your project.
If you need top quality redwood timber, give us a call, we aim to deliver your timber within 24 hours of your order being placed.

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For high quality rough sawn timber, contact Timber Specialists (Sheffield) today.
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